I DREAMED I WAS A CHILD

 There was a place, there was a child, was it real, 
 Why was he crying,

 A street, a neighborhood, a school where laughter lived, 
 Clowns on a wall.

 Duck, duck, goose and a circle of friends, round, and 
 Round they run,

 A boy named Grover, swing sets and a dream, I walk 
 There it seems.

 A small boy, lonely in his thoughts, a dreamer of things 
 Not to be thought,

 Monsters under the bed, who peeks in the window above 
 His frightened head.

 I dreamed I was a child but who is it I be, a fathers 
 Son from yesterday,

 A child trapped in a place that does not let go, cartoons 
 And sounds of planes.

 Reality was but a moment, childhood innocence and magic 
 Slips away,

 Where were you little girl when my October drifted into 

 Imagination and ice cream trucks playing musical tunes 
 for A dime,

 Warm Summer days lost in a mans' child dreaming eyes.

 It rests in cobwebs, it quietly waits for my return,

 A place hidden from my mind, it watches, it knows what 
 I have seen.

                      Keith Garrett 

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