MYTHICAL GHOSTS
                  Keith Garrett
 In our minds do they live, exist only in our dreams,

 Gaze out into the night, beyond the stars in the dark.

 Remember as a child you would put a tooth under your 

 As you slept a fairy would visit and replace it with 

 Mother nature we do not see as a mortal but live 
 Within her,

 She is known by all with the changing seasons of time.

 As you drift off into slumber it is he who watches over,

 A man who possesses a dreaming sand for a believer.

 Grants do he the gift of love so fine from an arrow,

 Only Imagine this ghost fore he is forever cupid.

 He's as old as the universe, he's of the beginning,

 He knows of life, the name is father time.

 A cold sort of spirit, he exists from a myth,

 When the freeze of night comes, lives does Jack Frost.

 Eggs in a basket, colored and decorated for a child,

 Jelly beans and treats from an Easter bunny not seen.

 Last but not least, a jolly old man with a beard so 

 He  gives to the world on Christmas eve, Santa Claus.

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