A MOMENT IN THE SUN

 Has it always been mine since the beginning of 
 My time,

 I was born to run, I was born to chase the wind, 
 So I run.

 I've walked along the shore, my feet wet in the sand,

 Holding hands, by myself I stand alone, a man.

 There's been at times much fun, I am not done,

 Friends and loved ones vanished as the hourglass runs.

 When will it come I ask! this moment, my moment in 
 The sun,

 It was yesterday, appeared again today, did I not see,

 Tomorrow will I wonder when it is to be as it lives all 
 Around me.

 I had dreams of a girl once upon a time, she came to
 visit me,

 She came to say hi, for just a moment in time, a moment 
 Gone by.

 I've had a moment in the sun, a moment to run, to chase 
 The wind,

 I've had a love who went away with the passing day, 
 She flies.

 My journey takes me to a place, but who follows behind,

 On another day will catch me, slow down to that which
 May be.
                                     Keith Garrett















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