"BOOK OF FAITH"

 I'd like to read to you a story, sit back and listen 
 Dear friend,
 This Is about a man who has lost and found things of 
 He Is not a wise man although at times he knows of 
 He Is not an angry man but anger lives within his spirit.

 This man walks a road of at times fear and confidence
 Happiness Is that which he so much wants to hold onto but 
 Are those moments when to be happy can be a struggle, a 
 He Is a man of Inner strength, he possesses no surrender,

 Will not give up,

 There are those times when weakness attacks and the 
 Battle Rages.
 He holds In him close to his heart, faith that all will  
 Be As it should,
 That things will turn out, God willing the way he 
 This man has much love In him as he did and still loves   
 But Will again, love,

 To live on his own, to live his life and again share his 
 Time with another,

 This Is my story, this Is my book of faith told only to  
 You Dear friend.

 Keep It with you always, may the Lord bless and watch
 Over you,
 As your road Is traveled each and every day Into the 
 Rest Of your life.
              Love always,      Keith Garrett

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