MORRO BAY

 We went away, far away,
 To a town of sand and water to play.

 At times' the winds' were cold and fast,
 The weather changed, this did not last.

 Life Is slow and peaceful too,
 The people all friendly, something new.

 We played In the sand with no worries of things,'
 A mother, a daughter, my two sons, and the joy 
 That they bring,

 As they sat In the water, the boats we watched rest,
 We all stood together to watch the sunset.

 Walking the streets of this place never been,
 Wanting to live here to call It my friend.

 As It rose In the morning, the suns' rays of light,
 All day It would let us enjoy such a sight.

 We get ourselves lost In a place such as this,
 Oh! nothing could be sweeter, the rest of the world 
 I would not miss,

 If you ever get a chance to go to this place,
 A fresh air you will smell, different foods' 
 You will taste,

 When It came time to leave, feelings' bittersweet,
 To this world of yours,' again we will meet.

 I wanna go back, go back one day,
 To this place of peace known, Morro Bay.

                               Keith Garrett

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