BACK TO MORRO BAY

 I've been here once, to this place on the shore,

 Where life Is pleasant and a whole lot more.

 Where dreams are thought of while you lie In the sand,

 A clear blue sky above you as you gaze at this land.

 Out on the water as the waves roll on by,

 The sun shines down on me and seems to say hi! 

 I walk along the street and see all the faces,

 Of those who have come from all sorts of places.

 Through the air the wind blows a musical sound,

 From a band that Is playing to those all around.

 A scent In the air of the foods' you might taste,

 Is something quite special, you won't want to waste.

 Now that I've been here another time around,

 Getting harder to leave this place I have found.

 I say thanks to this town of sand and play,

 Again, and again I'll return back to Morro Bay.

                   Keith Garrett

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