TAKE A WALK WITH ME!

 Clouds' of a rainy day disappear, the sun shows'
 Its face,

 A dream have I to walk with you Into the sunset, 
 Beauty walks.

 The light from above shines on your face full of 
 Hopes and dreams,

 Imagine do I a soft quiet breeze blowing through your 
 Hair so fine.

 Smile darling, smile while we stroll along the shore, 
 Feet in the sand,

 Waves crashing on the beach, It's just you and me and 
 The world seen.

 Thoughts' of sharing time with someone special, a 
 Woman like you,

 Moments' getting to know the spirit, the Inner you, 
 The person in you.

 Take a walk with me, take a walk and see, who are we?

                  Keith Garrett

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