It has no heart nor soul, feeds on life and 
 Is so cold,

 Hate is this monsters only friend, takes until 
 The end.

 Watches you with delight as the suffering haunts 
 Through the night,

 Who you are disappears along with your fight, 
 Blurred with fright.

 Treat from the devil, cast upon the human race, 
 Within our veins,

 We share this gift of evil, like all wars we may win a  
 Battle as the war rages on.

 So much energy, do we forget who we are, for a breath  
 Of life, We carry forward,

 When it drains our days, tries to remove our smiles, 
 Dignity Will not be removed.

 Eyes of life, a smile within the pain, a glimmer of 
 Hope that takes us away,

 Cancer does not die, life it watches end, treat from the  
 Devil, It is not a friend.
                                 Keith Garrett

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