TREMONT AVENUE

  As a young boy I lived in a town, on a street,

  Amesbury, Massachusetts, Tremont avenue.

 Two story house built in eighteen ninety five,

 Over one hundred and twenty five years old.

 Beautiful trees, I recall woods down the street,

 Friends whom can't be found, a long time ago.

 Stormy nights, a full moon, seasons of snow,

 A tire swing, a snowman falling to the ground.

 Family, parents, a bag of colored blocks were mine,

 Nineteen sixty six is a year I do recall, grapes 
 On a vine.

 Christmas trees and snow falling down, Christmas Eve,

 Batman and the Munster's, coloring books and cartoons,

 I remember Tremont avenue, Mom, dad, and you.

                     Keith Garrett                

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