IN THE SUMMER RAIN

 Walking the trails, baby you and I, together 
 Under a clouded sky,

 Dark and stormy, the wind howling through the trees 
 Speaking as it travels.

 You start running across a wide open grassy field, 
 Wind blowing your dress,

 Your hair so long and beautiful flowing In the days' 
 Breezy weather.

 Chasing you do I along the path created by your 
 Footsteps Following you,

 Thunder rumbles through the clouds, the wind making the 
 Grass wave across the land.

 Taking hold of you with my hands gently around your waist 
 As I hear a laugh,

 Drop by drop the rain begins to come down, It falls 
 Showering us now.

 Turning you around, I kiss that soft, wet face as you 
 return a kiss to me,

 There Is love In the Summer rain, there Is you and I.

                                 Keith Garrett     

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