"BILLY  JACK"

 Hatred was not what he was about, time would make him 
 Hate worldly things,

 Hurt was something he did not want to put upon any man, 
 He would be forced to fight.

 He had a temper, beliefs that would put him and those he 
 Loved in harms way,

 He was not wrong, society and those of corruption decided 
 He was not in the right.

 Integrity of one man, again he would stand as one tin 
 Soldier against the wrong,

 He stands at times alone, not without love of the people, 
 Against the corrupted souls.

 "Billy Jack" I read about you as a child, I sat under a 
  Tree As a dreaming boy for a while,             

 A book that made me want to see more, A movie, a man,  
 And Much, much, more.

 You were a war hero just as you did see what was wrong  
 With Government and war,

 Never did you run or hide, you went away at times to 
 Find peace, to be alone.

 Not a criminal or murderer as you defended against those 
 Whom would do you wrong,

 Society saw things a different way when you took off your 
 Boots and raised a gun your way.

 On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away, 
 Then back he would stay
                    Keith Garrett

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