TOUGH ON THE SCREEN
                                                                                                                           Keith Garrett

 Heroes or bad guys, they played them all,

 These stars of the movies, where are they now.

 A man named Cagney, Edward G. Robinson too,

 John Garfield, Audie Murphy was quite a hero.

 Jack Palance, a tough man for sure,

 John Wayne, the duke was a man of strength.

 Clint Walker and Richard Boone, big as can be,

 Forrest tucker, James Coburn, men of the screen.

 Marlon Brando had a name as big as life,

 James Dean was a rebel, Richard Widmark was mean.

 Fess Parker was a big man, Gary Cooper so great,

 Spencer Tracy awesome, Humphrey Bogart one of a kind.

 Clark Gable, Anthony Quinn, greatness back in time,

 Charlton Heston and Gregory Peck, actors so fine.

 Lee Marvin, what a look, Charles Bronson, one so tough,

 Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, the talent of two.

 Yul Brynner, magnificent a star, Robert Mitchum bad or 
 Sean Connery, accent with a gun, George Peppard, blue 
 Eyes and tough.
 Tall and mean, Clint Eastwood and a lifetime of movies,

 Lee Van Cleef a man with a glare, Steve McQueen big on 
 The screen.
 Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper on their 
 Riding machines,
 Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall, they played the hero, 
 They did it all.
 Robert Ryan or Robert Taylor back in the day, tough,
 Some would say,
 Michael Landon, Robert Urich, Lee Majors, they all 
 Were great.
 Robert Conrad was tough, the wild, wild, West,

 William Shatner in charge, star trek, and outerspace.

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