TWO ON A SWING

 Here we are in the late afternoon, the sun 
 going down,

 I came by your house to say hello, it's been 
 Some time.

 I can't believe it's almost Summer can you,

 I see you still have that porch swing your dad 
 Put up.

 How has everything been going for you since I've 
 Been gone,

 I'm glad, I can only stay for awhile, you do 

 Remember the days when we would just talk and sit 
 On your swing,

 The weekends in the Summer sun, laughing and not a 
 Worry to be found.

 We were just kids, young, times like those are memories 
 Of fun,

 I could see your tears when i had to leave this place.

 I'm in your heart as you'll forever be in mine,

 Let's just sit here for awhile until the sun fades,

 I'll never go away, remember two on a swing in those 
 Summer days.

                 Keith Garrett 

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