A DIFFERENT KIND OF HOME

 I thought about it a little more recently as I 
 Stroll through the park,

 So sad it is for some of them as they are hard 
 Working And lost everything.

 For others there are no excuses, only bad choices or 
 Criminal doing,

 Some get lost in the cracks as the help that is for              
 Them Needed does not care.

 We have homeless heroes, how is it possible when  
 They Gave their all,

 Some are sick and hurt as they lost more than their 
 Material life.

 A  different kind of home they now have, not what 
 They remember,

 Let me describe it to you, some of us are a paycheck  
 Away, Maybe a day.

 The roof over their head may be a clear sky or a rainy 

 The walls around them are not the same as they often 

 A couch wherever they sit, a bed wherever they rest 
 Their head,

 Television set, that which is taken in by their wishing 

 A shower for granted taken each day, when will a shower 
 Come their way,

 Gone now is the refrigerator that was, like an animal 
 They search now.

 A different kind of home not that they can call their 
 Own,They roam,

 Circumstances of why, many reasons you see, sadness wears 
 Many feet.
               Keith Garrett                                                       

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