A DRIFTING MAN

 On a road of travel without any end,

 Rests his weary body wherever he can.

 Sleeps in the night hidden from sight,

 Days' of length, the next stop is any place.

 From town to town he wanders with hope,

 Worry fills his head about that next meal.

 Find a job and stay in one place a short while,

 Friends and smiles disappear with the miles.

 A drifting man sees much of the land,

 Meets many faces, lonely where he stands.

 A price he pays to live in such a way,

 There's a gift in seeing the world,

 What's taken away is the peace of settling in 
 One place.

 He chooses a path, he's a wandering man,

 Today he's here, gone again.

                                                                                                            Keith Garrett

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