A FATHER, A WIFE, AND YOU

 Wondering why my hurt Is so much, let me tell you,

 Once upon a time this man was a boy, a boy with a dad.

 Father left and went away, no goodbyes, no parades,

 My love for him was very real, now just a dream, a 

 Once together a wife had I, a family of five once 
 Upon a time,

 Never Imagined that It could end, just a dreamer 
 To have been.

 Now their Is you so what can this much In love man do,

 You're here and there but are you anywhere, for me 

 A father, a wife, and you, two are lost, Is there still  
 For me, you,

                           Keith Garrett

10 thoughts on “A FATHER, A WIFE, AND YOU

  1. Sometimes, we need to, give our selves the time, to grieve, slowly, over what we had, lost during our lives, and on some days, the grief would strike us, harder than others, but we all still, do our best to, pick our feet back up, put one foot, in front of the other, and just, try our, hardest, in, moving on with our, lives, without the ones we love so dear, by our, sides.

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