A FEARFUL WEIGHT

 Taken for granted the treasures of life,

 Gifts from god bestowed upon the mortal man.

 All that he dreams is for our eyes to  see,

 Health and happiness, love of those whom in 
 Return hope for love.
 A fearful weight upon ones shoulders, pain in the mind, 
 Worries of the day,
 A message that sickness may have fallen upon your lap.

 So afraid that the weight of it being possible that has 
 Made it so real inside,
 Material belongings are of no real value when it comes 
 To the thought
 That the end may be near, of not another breath.

 Treasures of life are the health that you keep,

 Happiness created by only you, too earn and cherish
 The love of as many
 Family members and friends in a lifetime.

 Gifts from god are your own choices to make,

 Free to wander the earth, too witness all of its 
 Mystery and beauty.
 In a moment we are given life, in a moment we 
 Leave this world,
 Taken for granted things we must over and over learn,

 A lesson not forgotten, a lesson well learned.

                         Keith Garrett

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