" THE SKY WENT BLACK"

 In an Instant It was gone, as I looked up the 
 Sun was no longer,

 Nothing was shining, no light In the sky, what 
 Would guide me.

 There's a darkness that surrounds' my world, where 
 Went the brightness,

 Change my thinking, get off this unnecessary roller 
 Coaster ride I'm on.

 Making one material thing or particular person more 

 Or Important than my own existence In life.

 The sky went black, could this be because my eyes 

 I've closed To my surroundings' over a loss  or what I 
 Perceive as failure

 Has blinded me to the beauty there Is?

 Love Is a great and wonderful experience when It 
 Comes to see you,

 If blessed are you then perhaps It stays', maybe also 

 Don't be fooled fore there are many different forms' 
 Of love,

 Looking deep within ourselves Is where this begins', 
 Later outside.

 Yes! the sky went black, again my eyes will open to 
 See the light,

 Never will I give up my fight for the love In my life.

                       Keith Garrett 

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