"WITHIN THESE WALLS' "

 I'll let you In If a friend you are known to me,

 These built for me walls' of height, are a comfort.

 Climb over you will not, the top Is not recognized,

 There Is no door to be removed or forced, no key.

 Within these walls' lies sanctuary for a searching man,

 Living here Is all for a man to dream, I feel the 

 All my wants' are at my fingertips' of touch, Imagined,

 I build and I take down, a new level appears' In an 

 To walk out of here I will need to make a door, 
 Walls no more,

 There's a fear with the chances taken, stronger we grow.

 Within these walls' I hide, within these walls' I cry,

 Strength and wisdom exist within these walls'.

                             Keith Garrett              

8 thoughts on “WITHIN THESE WALLS

  1. We build these walls, around ourselves, to try and protect us from being harmed by others around us, but, by locking our selves in, we also, lose our, abilities, to establish those, needed connections we long for with others, as human beings…

  2. Because people hurt you, you dont trust them, snd, that us how you, stopped, trusting your own, judgments in people, and trust me, that losing the trust in our selves, is, a hell of a lot, harder, to get back, than losing the trust in, domeone else…

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