FROM 18 UNTIL THIS DAY

 Much younger was I back when the sun rose much 
 Higher in the sky,

 Still but a teenager as once a thought that I 
 Might have been a man.

 When I was eighteen I was going to the beach, 
 Dreaming about life ahead,

 Long blonde hair and searching for that always 
 Wanted summer tan.

 The sun begins to move west and I go beyond those 
 Teen years,

 I follow the sun, it looks down upon me each  
 Morning Then I chase it.

 I walk the road, I live my life, the sun travels 
 Further than I can run,

 The  more I follow then the older I seem, I have 
 dreamed, No more eighteen.

 I am older than some friends once were, older than a 
 Father gone far away,

 From 18 until this day I have changed in different 
 Ways, The sun now half way.

                               Keith Garrett                          

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