MAY I HAVE A DRINK OF WATER?

 In search of water, will i have to travel any 

 The Summer is quite hot and i am very thirsty.

 For granted we have taken the rain that fills 
 The lakes,

 See the lakes as they sink lower, a hole in the 
 Ground one day.

 The waterfalls so beautiful fall down with cool 
 Splashes we see,
 Watch as they trickle, drying up, no more will 
 They be but a dream.

 Rivers and streams are places of beauty  that 
 Never cease to be,

 Take a look as before your eyes they slowly dry 
 And go forever away.

 May I have a drink of water, will it ever again rain, 
 What happened to the rain?

 If ever again a cloud in the sky, pray that drops of 
 Water don't pass us by.

                      Keith Garrett                                     

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