ON THIS MOUNTAIN

 As a child he lived here many years before,

 The great depression was not a time of all 
 Pleasant things.

 It was however a time of childhood, a sunset for some,

 There was a family of fathers and mothers, sons and 

 A boy was he of seventeen, a dreamer, a writer,

 He had nothing but he had also everything.

 On this mountain in Virginia, he was born,

 So many days ago, long gone are they now.

 He wrote his many thoughts by a lamp in the night,

 Played games with his brothers and sisters.

 Together this family sat together for dinner each night,

 A lifetime ago is when this story was told.

 By a boy who with his family struggled but did laugh
 As they

 Were blessed with much love and togetherness,

 On this mountain, once upon a time.

                            Keith Garrett

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