PUPPETS AND CLOWNS

 Dressed up each day in what we are to wear 
 For the man,

 For work not for play, every day survival, an outfit, 
 Our costume.

 A ritual practiced, obey fore to be compensated,

 With the printed paper handed to us so that we are 
 Of worth.

 We're to let them pull our strings, dance and put on 
 A certain face,

 Puppets and clowns, humiliating and a sad disgrace.

 We're to have no real thoughts of our own,

 Speak so that they do not hear,

 Put on an act for those who are made up of power, 
 False power.

 Puppets and clowns, puppets and clowns, are we they?

 Turn it around, is the world upside down, we have 
 No strings,

 We dance for no one, only for fun.

                          Keith Garrett                                     

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