"TRYING TO FIGURE OUT YESTERDAY"

 To live In the moment, that's what we do as we take 
 Hold of today,

 The past Is nomore real, a memory, pictures In an  
  Album To recall.

  The things' we've lost and discovered In yesterday 
   Remain With us,

  Wanting Is a feeling, an emotion of this, our human 
  What do we have today that we did not have 
  A little more and a little less fore to figure out,  
  Don't Know Why.
  A waste of time trying to understand what's been taken 
  From a hand,
  Nothing to be gained, only loss, precious time lost In 

  So to the future we walk with arms' opened wide, what's 
  In Sight,

  To yesterday a goodbye as we no longer try changing the 

  Trying to figure out yesterday when life leads us the  
   Rest Of The Way.

                                      Keith Garrett

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