RUNNING WITH THE WIND

  I thought there was loss, a feeling of death brought 
  To me,

  Alive, alive, two separate paths' taken, gone and we go 
  On and on.

  A prisoner, never was I, free to run through the fields' 
  Of Life,

  No chains' weighed down upon this mans' moving body 
  And soul.

  The wind not seen has a strength and power fore we know 
  It is there,

  Seen am I as the dark clouds' of rain falling, I go with 
  The Wind blowing.

  If no face had I, no body to see and judge, just a voice 
  Of Words,

  Would you think something of me, a material being valued

  Running with the wind gives me a friend which can not see 
  To judge,

  For me I do not possess an Image fore we are both blind, 
  Only running.

  Free to be, free to be me as live and breathe this man 

  Walk with another once again but for now I'm running with 
  The wind.

                                  Keith Garrett

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