LET ME PRETEND

  I am somewhere else, far away from this,

  The only sound is of birds in the trees, happily.

  The crime filled streets and sirens are not with me,

  There are no voices of thought to ruin my day, I say.

   Everything is much louder in the real world today,

   Peace seems like a rare, lost, gift that will never be 

   Let me pretend that I am not here where there live  
   Trash And fear,

   A little bit better, just for a moment, let me pretend.

                                       Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “LET ME PRETEND

  1. Sometimes, this world is, filled with, way too much badness, that we all, want an escape, but we can’t find it, because, we still, live on this earth, so, we find, other means of escapes, through our own, imagination.

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