LAUGH DO I,

                       SOMETIMES I CRY

  It's a face that I show sometimes to not let known,

  That my hurt inside is so very real, laugh do I.

  Humor is a tool that I use for safety and to forget,

  That things taken for granted can blow away with 
  The wind.

  I tell you for certain, yes! it is that sometimes I  cry,

   Alone, inside, or out loud by the moonlight.

   Laugh do I when I witness the every day rituals of 
   Wasted lives,

   Silly and ridiculous as their time slips away.

   Oh! to be sure, sometimes I cry if punished am I for 
   To much care,

   The love given to those who can't recognize or 

  If laugh do I, is it because happiness is within me or 
  A funny thought,

  Or hide what is perceived as pain and maybe a 
  Heartfelt loss.

  When sometimes I cry is it due to a wonderful 
  Emotional experience,

   Or the sadness that can be seen as I walk through 
   My life,

   Laugh do I, sometimes i cry.

                         Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “LAUGH DO I, SOMETIMES I CRY

  1. This was really good. I’ve just been chatting with a friend about crying. I love to put on music that wrenches my heart, lie on the floor, and have a good, blubbering cry. It’s like a good rain to cleanse the soul. Then I drag myself up, brush myself off, and go back to the computer to try to write humor. What a life! 🙂

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