HEY THERE, MOM!

  I saw the lightly, snow covered, mountains today,

  Did you see the mountains from a different view,

  Did you see me as I walked today, I thought of you.

  I felt the wind, the trees swayed with an echoing sound,

  Were you in the trees, were you part of the cool breeze.

  Mom, I was wondering if you know that we are all here,

  Do you see us eaxh day as we live and try to find our 

  When the rain falls are you part of that which brings 

  Do you remember rainy days when as children we were 
  By your side.

  Hey there, mom! you are thought of many times before 
  The sun goes down,

  Did you see the sun today, mom, it still sets as once we 
  Watched together.
                         Keith Garrett

                                It's been three years, mom

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