MY NAME IS GEORGE

  I have a home, it's not like yours, there are no 

  If i am to have heat then it comes from the sun.

  My bathroom rests not in one spot, it moves,

  No airconditioner have I, the coolness comes from 
  The night air.

  My shower is not always working, at times i am not 

  I have a bed, it is wherever i may lay.

  My refrigerator is always empty, it's a thing I do not 

  My sink is a bucket of water or a puddle i may find.

  I own a television, it is all that I see,

  It only turns off when asleep I may be.

  There are no chairs, a sofa to rest upon,

  My windows are the world, a roof, only what's 
  Above me.

  A yard I have extends very far,

  Wherever I may be, nature is all around me.

   My name is george, do not be george.

                                        Keith Garrett         

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