There are feelings we hold inside for another,

 An attraction of sorts since the time of man has 
 Been discovered.

 It's said that we all have a match meant for us,

 But is the perfect match a fantasy or a constant 

 Perhaps a chemical thing all in our minds,

 Connected with another for a mixture that creates 
 Our love.

 Two different personalities not wanting loneliness,

                                                                                  Join hands together to become one part.

 Is it possible to be a team and still have our 
 Own path,

 Is love strong enough so that we don't drift apart?

            Keith Garrett

One thought on “LOVE BE NOT LOGICAL

  1. In order to find this sort of love, we must, be “wholes” on our own, then, we will be able yo find the significant other, who’s, our, perfect match, only that people go into, searching for love, before they are, wholes themselves, that’s why, most people, keep on, hitting, and missing, constantly, searching, for what they want in love, but will, never have the chance of, finding.

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