MATERIAL THINGS

 We want, things we see of beauty are bought 
 And gathered,

 Valued by us are all these things of material, 
 Made up things.

 Collect them as we grow, throughout our lives 
 They are part of us,

 We call them antiques, valuable items of great 
 Worth and money.

 Stones of different names and types, a price is 
 Made, what's of greatness,

 Diamonds, rubies, and other gems, who was to say 
 They are so important.

 Material things to the world bring certain types  
 Of happiness, for how long,

 To some these objects define who they are, people  
 Sitting up high or below, the poor.

 Always told over a lifetime that we can't take 
 It with us,

 All of these earthly things, to heaven none can 
 We bring.
                 Keith Garrett

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