IF NO SIGHT HAD I

  Suddenly, so suddenly, my eyes, they could no 
  Longer see,

  Where did everything go, what am I to become, 
  I'm blind.

  Darkness, only darkness can be my world now, 
  To be afraid,

  Never again a sunny day, the night visits' me 

  If no sight had I, there would be many new 
  Thoughts And adventures,

  The wind I would hear as I did before, my
  Imagination would create,
  Pictured scenes of what It was doing.

  Music would still be heard, although my mind 
  Could see the story,

  A song might tell with Its' words.

  A television show now only to be heard, no 
, Picture book to go with,

 A kiss could still be placed upon her lips', no 
 Sight or sound do I need.

  Feelings' here are what will be needed, and a 
  Little sense of touch,

  If no sight had I, life would be just fine.

                           Keith Garrett 

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