I who you don't understand,

  Once was small, use to sit In the sand.

  Sometimes so hard, In my heart It seems',

  To show what Is I, the reality not the dreams'.

  At a distance you're kept from what Is me,

  One who likes music, and writes words' of dreams'.

  Yes! I am afraid to show,

  A much easier portrait for those to know.

  I wear a mask for most to see,

  Few only know that It Is me.

  This Is a person you've just met,

   Don't know why but It Is I.

                                       Keith Garrett                  

One thought on “I

  1. We seek that love from those we trusted growing up, but, we didn’t get it, and so, we learn how to love our selves, if we are, able to, but not all of us will, be able to, gain that sense of “we are worthy of love” in the end.

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