STRANDED ON THE MOON

  Left here for a while, what is needed lay 
  At my side,

  There is no air but the gift of breath is with me now.

  From this place, It is that the universe Is alive,

  In all directions, everything created is before 
  These eyes.

  Comets zoom by with the greatest of speed,

  Stars are bright, every day appears as night.

  Asteroids are somewhere out there, everywhere,

  I sit here stranded on the moon among the cosmos.

  The sun is so bright with fire, burning in the dark,

  The only thing I can not see is heaven, where are you.

  The earth is spinning faster than i have ever imagined 
  It too,

  Like a dream to see the oceans and a world not so 
  Big compared

  To what is seen from here.

                                               Keith Garrett   

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