BEACHES AND OCEANS

  To love the beach, walking along the sand so warm,

  Looking ahead of me at the pier in the distance.

  The feel of the wind as i'm walking along the wet, 
  Sandy shore,

  The sun shining in the sky, seagulls flying in search 
  For food.

  My thoughts are of many things as I dream of lifes 

 At peace am i strolling along listening, always 

 The waves are a beautiful sight, musical tunes crashing 
  Upon the shore,

 The horizon seems like forever as I stare in silence at 
  Its mystery.

  Shadows from clouds darken the ocean but only a touch,

 The wonders of life that live beneath the waters, are seen 
  From within.

  Beaches and oceans have been forever, 

 There's a great love for me as they go on together.

                                       Keith Garrett 

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