A THANK YOU, DEAR LORD

 It's me again, many thought's swirl in my head,

 For this life you gave to me, I am most grateful.

 I wake each morning to the rain or shine,

 You've let me walk your worldly creation, I'm
 Still alive.

 I forget at times and also for granted take,

 This life is precious, there's much good in the world.

 A thank you, dear Lord, for the things given to me,

 The wonders of this land at times are hard to see.

 I'll try to remember that fragile is man,

 Speak to you soon, I keep trying to understand

 And be the best I can.

                                                                                       Keith Garrett 

4 thoughts on “A THANK YOU, DEAR LORD

  1. Life is precious. How we live it, the honesty, integrity, and never trading for real principles, being good examples to the next generation. It’s not how long, but how we live our lives.

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